JEETRIKE Off-Road Handcycle, has an upright seating position, rear wheel drive, full independent suspension on all three wheels and manual or electric drive option to choose. Thanks to completely new 4-link suspension, we were able to achieve really short wheelbase to increase the rear wheel grip and the frame stiffness, in the same time the turning radius has decreased. JEETRIKE is suitable for nearly all persons with different type of disability, including the people with quadriplegia.


Frame material: Aluminum alloy

Front suspension: CNC machined of aircraft grade aluminum
Rear suspension: Advanced Multi Link suspension
Shocks: Rock Shox Monarch XX/RL

Steering system: combined steering and pedaling for better control

Drivetrain: Central motor 500W (assist mode only)

Battery: 12Ah , range 25-100km depending on terrain

Rear hub: Rohloff Speedhub 500/14

Seat/Footrests: Adjustable carbon-fibre seat and aluminium footrest

Brakes: Hydraulic Shimano ZEE

Brake discs: Front 203mm / Rear 180mm
Dimensions with wheels: L=197cm W=101cm H=99cm

Weight: 30 kg


750W Electric assist

Schlumpf Mountain-Drive
Carbon wheels SPORT-ON

Version for people with Tetraplegia
Cargo Trailer
Safety Belt

Custom Colour

Front lights

Bottle cage